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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 7, 2021

    Hi Bill.
    In answer to your question about loading film into your iPhone . . .
    Lift up the little doodad door next to the thingamajig, you will see several doohickeys which will engage the sprockets attached to the thingamabobs.
    At this point the film will self wind into your device — just be certain no tardigrades are inadvertently inserted along with the film — they wreak havoc with the emulsion not to mention the electronics

    Hope this helps . . . . Oh, removing the film? Well, thats a whole other procedure . . . .

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: December 8, 2014

      Well, of course, Rich. Everyone knows how to do exactly that for the iPhone101xyz and earlier, but Apple changed the design after that model, and it just doesn’t work that way for my fancy iPhone999seX.

      • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: March 8, 2021

        Well, Hmmmmmmm

        Have you tried dropping in an Instamatic cartridge?

      • By: BobinVT Posted: March 8, 2021

        You beat me to it. I was going to say that it’s only works in the older iPhones. They eliminated support for it in the latest models. You need Bluetooth compatible film nowadays. Those photos with the yellow all look pretty Kodachrome-esque.

        • By: Bill Stone Posted: March 9, 2021

          I went downtown to our local photography shop, but the guy seemed totally clueless when I wanted to purchase a dozen rolls of iPhone-compatible Bluetooth-enabled Kodachrome film. I guess I’ll need to look on Amazon….

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: March 9, 2021

      But now we’re back to gray sky, drizzle, windy, and chilly. Perfect weather to work on computer projects!

  2. By: gregblood Posted: March 8, 2021

    Yesterday, I had the same experience with pedestrians, pets and kids as you did. It reminded me why I avoid MY Town’s bike trails on nice spring weekends. I did NOT, however, have the same experience with beautiful yellows and greens as you did.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: March 9, 2021

      I should have known better. But rainy weather was on the way, so I needed to get out when I could. Fortunately, the Ogre rolls smoothly right over top of dogs, strollers, and small children.

  3. By: The Navigator Posted: March 8, 2021

    Yeah, I hate when people are on “my” trail, too. It’s been an adjustment to move back to a town after living in a rural village when the only time people were out on the bike path was weekends and during lockdown.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: March 9, 2021

      I can imagine. By the way, the most interesting part of the ride was meeting Irene and her husband on Specialized electric bikes. They are in their 80s and stopped to take the same photo I did. The husband explained that she had stopped riding because she couldn’t keep up with him, but now that they have e-bikes he can’t keep up with her. On that topic, Jeff and another friend were over here a few days ago with a borrowed e-assist bike so I could try it out. Wow! I pedaled up the steepest hill on this side of town and felt like I was on a motorcycle. I think it is the only time I’ve ever beat Jeff to the top of a long climb. Now that I’m 70, I’ve been trying to purchase a full-suspension Specialized electric mountain bike, but they are almost impossible to find because of huge demand.

      • By: The Navigator Posted: March 10, 2021

        That’s interesting. I’ve seen some of the ads for the e-mtn bikes. I also marshalled a charity event in 2019 where the local bike shop brought e-mtn bikes for people to try. Those people were putting in so little effort (I was at the top of a steep 3 km climb directing them up one of the four tracks that converged), I wondered if the batteries were going to last til they got back! Everyone else was out-of-breath by the time they got to me, but the e-bikers were barely even pedalling! I just went up and did a rail trail that’s new last weekend. I saw probably about 30 bikes, but only saw 2 e-bikes (people my age). I was surprised to see so few considering the trail does have some decent climbing in it (albeit gentle) since it is in the hills. I hope you can get on the list to get something you like soon!

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